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Full Version: Feedback - Tell us what to improve on!
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Hello everyone! the server has been going for not even a week yet but we are already 10+ active people on the server. this was way beyond my imagination!
Anyway, in order for us to improve as missions makers but also as a community I would like to ask you all for some feedback on the community overall and on the missions you have been playing lately! thank you so much in advance!

- The Board Members and Zeus's
I agree, its nice. By the way good RP so far.
At the moment im pretty new to Arma and this Community buy ive looking on alot of gameplays and I Think our OPs is to easy. Like we can be 10 players on and we need to take out around 5 hostiles. WTF I know were bad but?!?!? 2017/01/07 was the day I Think we had a good OP when it took more than a hour but it was intense. I would love to see more of these and maybe more hostiles. I please dont spawn 1 million freaking Zombies when were at the end. Just spawn alot but not THAT MANY!

- RCT GomBiaN Smile