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Recruit Application - Hybrid - 01-06-2017

Section 1:

Ingame Name: Redbag

Real Life Name: Stan

Age: 18

Country: Netherlands

Steam profile link:

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

Are you comfortable with using a microphone?: Yes

Section 2:

Are you familiar with TaskForceRadio?:

How many hours do you have in ArmA 3?: 0 hours. new player

Do you have any past experience in "Military Simulation" (Also IRL): Played alot of shooter games in the Past!

Do you have any past experience in Leading (Also IRL): no.

How did you find us?: A friend told me to look for this server!

Section 3:

Is there anything you would like to add?: Not at the moment

RE: Recruit Application - Sloxy - 01-06-2017

Congratulations your application has been accepted.

You need to change your name in ArmA 3 to RCT. [Name]

We are looking forward to seeing you in game

Kind Regards - The Board Members & Recruitment Officers